How should Rogaine position its new women's line?


Our Insight

Hair loss can by psychologically damaging for men. For women, it can be devastating. A woman’s entire identity is often connected with how she feels about her hair. For women, thick hair represents beauty and power, just as it did for Rapunzel. Despite the fact that most women experience thinning hair as they get older, these women felt as if they were the only ones suffering from it. The insight of “you are not alone” was as powerful as their wish to be transformed back to their original beautiful and powerful “goddess” state. Rogaine for women wasn’t just a hair regrowth treatment — it was femininity restored.


Brandgarten’s work led to the brand’s highest scoring ad concept ever tested at Millward Brown and served as the foundation for the launch campaign: Revive Your Va Va Voom!

Watch Brandgarten’s empowering insight in Women’s Rogaine ad by BBDO below: